Cincinnati Menigitis Attorney Says Warren County Identifies Fungal Menigitis

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As a Cincinnati attorney for meningitis help this is an update on the meningitis infection especially for Ohio and Hamilton County and Warren county. Just yesterday when the Center for disease Control raised their count to 9 for the State of Ohio, they mentioned a Warren county man that contracted meningitis.


There was no discussion of the severity of his illness, when he contracted it, where he contracted it. Certainly there are privacy issues involved , but with the dearth of information, in a vast wasteland of information, it would be good to have a few more details.

The Cincinnati pain Management Center is the only facility so far in this are that has been identified as giving steroid shots with the tainted fungus from NECC. Now there are more recalls of all of NECC drugs and the CDC and the Health department has identified others that gave injected steroids that may or may not have contained contamination.

There has been no news release from the Ohio depatment of health in several days. One wonders how many more will come down with meningitis and how many more will die. The people with meningitis are presumably being treated by the CDC protocol. One wonders how they are doing and is the treatment effective.

For the most recent update from the CDC click here.


by Anthony Castelli attorney

Please call us with your legal questions about your rights. Two lawsuits have already been filed against NECC. And the undercurrent is that they may not have enough insurance or assets to pay for everyone’s death or illness. Free consultation for legal hep at 513-621-2345 1-800-447-6549


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